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“Bishop Cheryl … is a gift. I was excited to see the manifestation of the “Awaken the Kingdom of Heaven Within” book and journal … I’m so proud of her.” — Joyce Gilmer, CEO , Empowered Living Coaching and Consulting

 “The book and author are amazing!!!” –Maria Leblanc, Founder, Gathering of Prophets

“I love how each “key” makes me self reflect and really think on these things.  My spirit has been renewed. I’m finding joy by @ times just being still. This is one of my favorite keys. Peace be still.  This book is an easy read. It’s refreshing and I really feel hopeful and purposeful after reading it.  It will be one of my favorite books to revisit from time to time.”– Lavonne Taylor Henderson.

“Wow!!! I just finished reading your book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I sat down and read it cover to cover. I couldn’t put it down. Your book is instructional, inspirational, relatable and practical… I received the blessing that was meant for me.” — Herbert P.

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Seven Keys To Awaken The Kingdom Within

The Kingdom of Heaven is most often spoken of as the place we inherit when we pass from this life but Jesus desires for His children not only live in the Kingdom of Heaven but for the Kingdom of Heaven to abide within them. This book is designed to usher the reader into a deeper level of contemplation and spiritual awakening in discovering the inner kingdom. This book is accompanied with a Kingdom journal. Available exclusively here. (Shipping included) * Please include your mailing address in the comments.