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I am a teacher, preacher, and a pastor. I am a bishop in the ancient tradition. I am the visionary for the Berean Meeting Place, a series of small groups that bring people together to learn and grow naturally, physically, and spiritually. I am an author and a blogger. I am lovingly called, “+Amma” (mother) or P.C. (Pastor Cheryl). I am a certified Christian Life Coach, HIScoach, and Certified in The Flow. I am here with you at this moment to help you identify your calling, tap into your purpose, and fulfil your destiny. I call this ‘awakening the kingdom within’.

My passion is to awaken the kingdom within.  I believe Jesus came to teach us about the kingdom, Thy kingdom come.    I believe the true purpose of Christ is to show us how to manifest this kingdom.  I believe in the teachings of Christ, we begin the journey to encounter the divine and experience the love of God.  I believe within Christian mystical teachings, we can go within and discover the hidden treasure of spirituality.

Jesus began his ministry preaching, the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  If we are unafraid to look within,  we will fulfill our purpose to manifest Christ….  Christ in you the hope of glory. 

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