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I have had success with those who have been working to put their project on paper and are caught in a perpetual refining process. Meaning, they don’t feel it is good enough just yet. This has turned into a pattern of ‘almost but never ready to start’.

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Are you ready to have a focused coaching session, one-on-one? It is an invaluable experience. We develop strategies to reach your goal(s) and set up action plans for you to move in the right direction. Each session is customized and tailored to you. VIP clients receive a Mindset Divine T-shirt, cap/hat, travel mug, and tote bag to help them stay focused. For more information fill in the contact box below and put “VIP 1/2 Day” in the comments.


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T-shirts, caps, backpacks, athletic clothing, sweatshirts and MORE. Visit the Mindset-Divine Store

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Seven Keys To Awaken The Kingdom Within – Book and Journal. ($25.00 list price).


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