Life Coach- Mindset Divine

The unveiling of a divine calling, is not limited to those of one faith, everyone one of us is called to ascend to our highest self. Mindset-Divine guides the participant through a journey of self-discovery.

Whether you are just starting to tap into your purpose or are one who has acknowledged a calling, Mindset- Divine will provide you with the opportunity to finetune your passion, to unpack this gift and to develop a confidence in being who you are chosen to be.


Mindset Divine – Transform. Renew.

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My most popular program is for those who are Ready, and Set, to Launch!

12 week-Refine Your Divine Design -Covenant Coaching program

Do you have a vision or goal that you have been nurturing but you need to activate it? If so, this 12 week relationship will be invaluable.

90 Day RDD is for the person who has ideas. You have been writing down processes, you are filled creative ideas and confidence. You just need to sit with a coach, put together a plan, activate the steps, and cultivate the results.

The RDD is a 12 week Covenant Coaching relationship that includes

  • Bi-weekly design meetings via zoom
  • Unlimited emails and texts
  • Activation
  • Real time virtual journaling & note sharing

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Coming Soon…

The Flow Program

If you have a clear goal and a plan but are stuck in ‘finding the goal aka the why’ then the Flow program may be for you. The Flow will help you clarify the goal by focusing you on your inner truth. This program is based on your needs and can range from a meeting a few hours to engaging in ongoing as-needed meetings for years.

Under development:

Online Vocational Flow Course

This online course is comprised of four phases.


We are all on a journey of self-discovery – a journey into who we are and why we are here.


Experiencing pain is often a part of life. However some wounds take more than time to heal.


In order for any relationship to thrive and flourish, our roots in being able to love ourselves must be strong and healthy. Many of the unhealthy patterns in our relationships stem from the common denominator called ourselves.


There is more to us than our physical, emotional and mental experiences and attributes. There is a connection that we have to life that goes beyond our own personal perceptions.