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Visit our exclusive YouTube Channel – “Awaken the Kingdom Within” by clicking the link below.  Special guests are being included in your journey to awaken the kingdom within.  They provide a unique perspective on each of the lessons in the book.  They will speak about each key in a way that will allow you to continue to expand and grow. 
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You Tube – Awaken the Kingdom, The Book

Special powerful voices and thinkers came to share their insight on the book. Listen, watch, and be enlightened.

Eld. Birteal Schells. “ Declare it is no more I but Christ”

Michanda Lindsey, Creator of The Flow, Priest, -“Embrace Stillness”

Ramika Lawson, Deaconness “Pray Thy Kingdom Come.”

Podcasts, ATKW, The book

Topic: Love. Lynette Windom, Esq., author,”From Empty to Overflow”

Topic: Be True To Yourself. Malaika Brown, Phd.,

Topic: Live Life In Truth. Cheryl Naomi Davis, Bp.

Topic: Forgiveness. Dist. Eld. Lisa Rollerson, CEO of Mahogany Direct, I See Beyond Ministries,–A-Fresh-Discussion-eki5af

Topic: Such As I Have, Give. Hyacinth Palmer, Elder.