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Visit my exclusive YouTube Channel – “Awaken the Kingdom Within” by clicking the link below.  Special guests are being included in your journey to awaken the kingdom within.  They provide a unique perspective on each of the lessons in the book.  They will speak about each key in a way that will allow you to continue to expand and grow. 
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Key #7 Such As I Have Give

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Key #3-Embracing Stillness

“This was a great video. Being still has been a struggle since Bishop taught SOP in Madera. It is difficult to power down so it is rare that Im still for 15 min or more. This video taught me something practical, 555. Starting out small instead of trying to tackle a full meditation session at once. Also, the scripture starting to become new, be still and know that I Am…. if i neglect being still, Im not fully acknowledging I Am. ” Kim H. Fresno, CA