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I am a podcaster, a blogger, and an author. Let me share these with you.

Seven Keys to Awaken the Kingdom of Heaven Within

When I wrote the book, Seven Keys To Awaken the Kingdom Within, I invited special guests to share insights on each of the keys that I wrote about. These incredible individuals took my few words and expanded them to give even greater insight. These discussions were held on YouTube/Zoom and Podcast/Anchor. Listen and enjoy them!

You Tube

Special powerful voices and thinkers came to share their insight on the book. Listen, watch, and be enlightened.

Eld. Birteal Schells. “ Declare it is no more I but Christ”

Michanda Lindsey, Creator of The Flow, Priest, -“Embrace Stillness”

Ramika Lawson, Deaconness “Pray Thy Kingdom Come.”


Topic: Love. Lynette Windom, Esq., author,”From Empty to Overflow”

Topic: Be True To Yourself. Malaika Brown, Phd.,

Topic: Live Life In Truth. Cheryl Naomi Davis, Bp.

Topic: Forgiveness. Dist. Eld. Lisa Rollerson, CEO of Mahogany Direct, I See Beyond Ministries,–A-Fresh-Discussion-eki5af

Topic: Such As I Have, Give. Hyacinth Palmer, Elder.


I broadcast two podcast channels. The Awaken the Kingdom Within program centers around topics that help faith-based listeners grow and expand. The guests this year were from every walk of life. We discussed mental health, suicide prevention, Covid19, parenting, as well as topics raised within the book.

  • In August, my bookclub will be celebrating 15 years of consistent reading, meeting, learning, and growing. In celebration of this event, I am adding a special series of podcasts, entitled, “What are you reading to feed the soul, the divine soul?” where I will be talking about the books we are reading. In this podcast, […]
  • Listen as bishop Naomi reflects on the past year and shares her thoughts on 2023; to step forward and use the gifts she has been given. She encourages us that we are ready to step forward and impact this world with divine love and light; To enter the new year 2023 having faith in oneself. […]
  • This final episode of Monday Meditation Moments was inspired by the words of Nora Jones, author of “Success Inside Out”. — Send in a voice message:
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